Eternal Memoria offers a new way to preserve the memories of your lost loved ones with permanent online memorials.

Best place to preserve memories of your lost loved ones


Eternal Memoria is an online memorial site to preserve memories of your loved ones in a virtual archive. Users can store Photos, Videos, Links to Facebook, Biographies, etc. With a smart device and QR code reader any one can easily access the memories by scanning the QR code archive.

The Challenges

Easy to Use User Interface:

Eternal Memoria needs a Clear and Elegant User Interface to focus more on providing a simple platform for users. We have used WordPress framework which provides a rich UI with customizable themes.

Secure Payment System:

Eternal Memoria wanted to integrate a secure payment gateway with an easy to use payment processing system. We have integrated a PayPal payment gateway which is a simple to use and secure all across the world.

Content Management System:

Eternal memoria needs a Strong Content management system to interact with users daily updates.We used WordPress CMS to incorporate these services.

Integrating Social Platform:

Eternal Memoria is integrated with all popular social networking sites to reach out it's users.We can connect all these social platforms with the plugins of Wordpress.