Admin Department is an Online School Administration Resource System couple with an online event ticketing system.

Streamline all your admin tasks into one easy programme.


The admin department is a multipurpose, flexible and Secure Online System that incorporates school administrative functions while managing events. The employee is able to collect payments, issue reports, collect information, enter data into reports, and run reports.

Admin department is setup for yearly subscribers to receive the benefits of having funds settle directly into their bank account, receive daily reports, automate emails to be sent directly to the accounts department. Users of Synergetic Management Systems and TASS - are able to directly upload reports into those systems for further account streamlining. For corporate events and club associations, we offer the flexibility to sign up as a Pay As You Go client otherwise it can be a registrtaion portal for free events.

The Challenges

Advanced web application development:

Admin department has a lot of complex functionality, including booking events, managing events, ticket booking, and generating many reports. In order to handle so many requests a strong and secure web application was developed within the client's budget. We analyzed the requirements and chose PHP with CodeIgniter as the appropriate technology to implement it.

Creating a stunning design Interface:

Admin department required a stunning design interface to attract users. The desired outcome was  a clean and user-friendly UI that could  support multiple complex functions. We have implemented it with HTML5 and BOOTSTRAP frameworks.

Payment gateway Integration:

Admin Department needed a secure payment gateway to handle their day to day transactions. We decided to integrate their software with Advam payment gateway a leading service provider in Australia.

Integrating Social platform:

As a leading Event Management application, Admin department needed a strong Social Media Presence. So we have integrated all popular Social Media sites to share their events and offers.